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Welcome Multicard MSIC holders, click here for more information.
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What is a Maritime Security Identification Card MSIC?
An MSIC is a nationally consistent identification card which shows that the holder has met the minimum security requirements to remain unmonitored within a maritime security zone.
This occurs through a background check that ClientView will arrange, but only after you complete the necessary paperwork and make payment.
Who needs one?
     People who access Australian port facilities as part of their work
Port, port facility and service workers,
Transport operators such as train and truck drivers
Seafarers on Australian regulated ships and
People who work on and / or supply offshore oil and gas facilities
How do I get one?
If you are an individual click here
Click here to renew your MSIC
If you require multiple MSIC for your company click here
How long will it take?
About 2-4 weeks from the time you send your ID and photo to ClientView
How much?
$240 (inc GST) for 2 years & $440 (inc GST) for 4 years
Who are we?
ClientView Pty Ltd, an authorised Issuing Body for the Maritime Security
Identification Card program
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